Tips For Buying Used Tires

If you’re thinking of buying used tires from an online retailer you need to be aware of a few things to prevent potential issues.Learn valuable tips on how to properly buy used tires from retailers and private sellers alike.Search and buy used tire from reputable sellers that have proven feedback from actual customers.

Buying Used Tires Tip Number 1:

The average tire size is composed of 3 separate measurements which can be found imprinted on the side wall of a tire. Make sure you are aware of all 3 measurements to confirm that it will fit your vehicle properly. The 3 measurements to look for when searching to buy used tires are:

Buying Used Tires

Tire Width - The width of the tire which is the first set of numbers on a tire measurement that is composed of 3 numeric digits. This measures across the width of the tire from side to side. For example, on the measurement 185/70/R15 the width would be “185” millimetres.

Tire Profile - The sidewall height is represented as a percentage of the width and is always shown as the second set of numeric digits on a tire measurement which is composed of 2 digits.For example, on the measurement 185/70/R15 the profile would be “70” percent of the width.

Tire Rim Size – The rim size is the last set of numbers on a tire measurement that is usually represented as an alpha numeric combination. For example, 185/70/R15 means that the rim size is “15” inches.

Buying Used Tires Tip Number 2:

When searching to buy used tire of any make or model it is necessary to check for any defects on the sidewall such as cracks. It is normal to have very small & fine lines on the surface of the sidewall but make absolutely sure that it is no more than that.

Buy Used Tires

Buying Used Tires Tip Number 3:

When buying used tires it is advisable to ask the seller whether there were any maintenance or repairs that were done to the tire. A rule of thumb is that any repairs needed on the sidewall of a tire raises a red flag as that is usually grounds for replacing the whole tire itself. Maintenance done to the tread area itself is okay, such as nail punctures, and as long as it’s done properly there should be no problems.

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Buying Used Tires Tip Number 4:

Every so often, when looking to buy used tires, the tread of the used tires that you are looking at may be unevenly worn due to suspension or alignment issues with the original car that the tires were previously used on. Even though the used tires may still be structurally sound for day to day driving it is highly recommended that you purchase a set of tires that have even tread wear instead.

Buying Used Tires

Buying Used Tires Tip Number 5:

It is essential to inquire, from the retailer or private seller, that the used tire you are considering to buy is not something like a snow tire. The reason for this is because it will result in extremely poor handling and traction especially if you live in an area that rarely, or if ever, gets snow…plus it wastes a lot more gas! In this case just make sure that you are getting an all season or summer tire that is suitable to the climate in your region.

Buy Used Tires

All in all, it is necessary to be well informed when buying used tiresespecially since it is one of the most important pieces of your vehicle for safety purposes. There is nothing wrong to want to buy used tires to save some money but don’t just buy any used tire blindly. If you think about it, out of all the safety features on your vehicle, your tires are the only ones that touch the actual road itself so educate yourself so that you can buy used tire brands and models accurately.