Buying & Selling Used Tires and Rims

Deciding on whether you should sell your used tires and rims, and buy another used set, really depends on whether you consider them to still be of some use or whether they should be sent to the junkyard. The cost differs greatly and is based on the overall condition, original quality and current demand for that particular brand or set. If you do decide to junk your old set it is possible to recuperate a small amount of monetary return if you sell them as scrap tires and rims. Just be aware that you may only be getting a small dollar amount back and this is largely based on what the particular junkyard or recycling depot and their willingness to pay a premium per pound for scrap rubber from the tires and scrap metal from the rims.

To begin, you firstly need to determine whether your existing set are in a reusable condition. If you believe it is then your first step would be to place some sort of classified ad in your local newspaper or an online website that focuses on used car accessories and parts. Your best bet would be to place an ad online since the majority of sites provide it as a free service, not to mention the convenience and amount of eyeballs you will getting on your ad if it is a popular site.

If you do have extra funds you can buy a small classified in your local newspaper or magazine and even upgrade with some pictures to increase the attractiveness of your ad. Some more popular auction websites do require that you pay a small upfront fee for listing your ad and also claim a small percentage of the total sale value at the end as well. It is important to watch your costs when placing the ad since adding any extra options, such as pictures or bold fonts, can quickly eat into your resale profits.

If you have more time than funds then you can try contacting your local auto parts dealers to see if they would like to purchase your used tires and rims. If the condition of your tires are good and there is a decent amount of tread remaining with no previous or visible damage they may consider buying them from you. They may also considering buying your used rims if they haven’t been severely damaged with lots of dings, dents or scratches. As an alternative to cash, some businesses may offer to provide you some sort of in store credit to purchase something else them such as another set of brand name used rims and tires.

If you decide the condition of your set is beyond repair and unsalvageable then you should considering sending them to a scrap junkyard.

Firstly, you would need to contact your local recycling center or junkyard and ask whether they will pay you in cash. Older tires can be converted for many uses which also include the manufacturing of a brand new set of tires. The metal found in the old rims can also be recycled by these operations.

Another option would be to contact the road division of your local municipality or government and ask them if they will pay you cash for scrap tires. The rubber from the used tires can be transformed into tar for road construction projects and also used to make alternative fuels for vehicles.

Once you have found a place, take your old tires to the closest rubber conversion factory. These depots may or may not purchase your tires to convert the rubber into another product but at least you have a place to get rid of them without adding to your landfill.

As for your used rims, get in touch with local scrap yards and ask if they will pay for either your tires or you rims. Scrap dealers often take items that they know they can resell to recycling centers.

As a final option, you can place an ad on an online classified or auction website offering scrap tires and rims for sale. Scrap tires can be used for many purposes which include wall buffers in gardens and even large swings in playgrounds or by a lake. Old tires are also used at ocean marinas for buffers on the sides of docks and even tugboats. Once you unload your old set of rims with tires it will free you up to buy a better set.