Acquire the Correct Instructions on How to Paint Rims the Right Way

Painting rims needs to be done properly the first time or else it will be twice the work in trying to start all over again.

We will demonstrate how you can spray paint rims correctly on the first try so you do not have to waste unnecessary time.

The rims on any owner’s car are a central component of their vehicle’s overall appeal and they can get quite costly. A simple way to maximize the appeal of your stock rims is to acquire the proper techniques on painting them a different color. This does not necessarily have to be done with brand new stock rims as you can also buy a nice set of used rims online and paint them to cover up any physical damage like scratches, scrapes or dings. Once you gain this valuable skill you can easily make some extra side cash by painting them for your friends, neighbours or family.

First Step:

Take off the rims from your car, van, SUV or truck. Although it is possible to paint them while they are still attached to the vehicle it is not recommended. You will be able to do a much more thorough job of painting the entire surface of the rims if you remove them, not to mention that it would make it a heck of a lot easier.

How To Paint Rims

Second Step:

Buy some grit sandpaper from your local hardware store, preferably around 320 grit, to smooth out any dings, scrapes or scratches on the rims. You may not be able to completely remove them all, especially deep cuts, but they will be much less noticeable after you complete this particular step.

Painting Rims

Third Step:

Thoroughly wash clean each rim with rim cleaner and a soft towel or sponge to remove any remains left behind from sanding. Get rid of all other visible gunk from the rims such as grease or oil stains. After that allow them to dry completely in the shade and try to avoid leaving them out in the sun.

Spray Paint Rims

Fourth Step:

Now take some etching primer and spray them on the rims in a slow and methodical motion until you have covered the entire surface area of each rim. This particular primer is what will cause the paint to stick on to. Be careful of any missed spots as this will cause the paint to be especially thin in that area.

Painting Rims

Fifth Step:

After you have left it to dry for a little while you can now proceed to spray paint the rims with your desired choice of colour by spraying it evenly and smoothly. Please note that spraying too much paint too quickly will cause it to run and that is why it is recommended that you spray lightly and spray another coat later if there is not enough coverage.

How To Paint Rims

Sixth Step:

Permit the sprayed on paint to dry completely in a shaded area like your garage or a covered area. Afterwards you will need to spray a layer of clear coat on the surface of the paint using the same aforementioned techniques. Now let the clear coat dry entirely before installing the rims back onto your vehicle.

Spray Paint Rims

If you follow these instructions on how to paint rims carefully you should not have any major problems. Painting rims can be fun and done as many times as you like. Once gained, this invaluable knowledge on how to spray paint rims will allow you to customize your rims whenever your mood dictates.